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by The Blackjaw

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Intro 00:43
George Carlin "Life Is Worth Losing" (2005)
No flags in business, the perfect fair campaign at the right moment, these words are not for free. Our daily food, feed the misery, again, nice morbid child, show your toys. The world ate a part of itself. Would you pass me that country, please?. A new city rises up, tons of food is wasted, suit up markets, suit up clients. The world ate a part of itself, Would you pass me that country, please? The first time I see you dirty mister, it will be my pleasure, steal it all from you, empty my heart out, that´s enough.
The Journey 03:58
The great journey of my life, an infinite place iluminated by lights from the air. We drive alone on endless roads,on the coast with the shine of the western sun. Never imagine seeing so many sunrises in different places so far from home. Because our lives are powered by high hopes and hard ways/great plans. Because we know it and we’ll continue till get home.We don’t belong to anywhere else more than to ourselves. However far, we remember alone: It will always be so. And after all, a part of us remains on the other side across the sea. Our minds, were like a film waiting to be developed in an old machine. I never be alone, they remain there, waiting for me to travel again.
Get just a little closer, the best things come with the biggest bets. Just don´t think about it, carry on, don´t be afraid to lose, I did it ‘cause Robert told me to. If your time is wasted, excuses feel like bullets in my chest. There´s no need for D day for a life out of focus. You found your end in a step you never expected to take.
We all lie 03:51
We all lie and walk together, What are we gonna do? These moments won’t come back. What I need? some mistakes, mistakes that make me learn more than nothing else. All the answers are inside my resignation, heavy like stone, empty and alone. All the answers are inside my resignation. I’ll forget every lesson whatever the cost/ when the damage is done and nothing more. When the morning came unexpectedly, my hands are bleeding still, suffer consequences, the worst hangover of my life, tasting all the flavors, I’m waiting to forget.
Are you hearing the powerful sounds in the air? they’ll never forget the voices from downtown only silence extinguish our hopes, meanwhile we will conquer streets every day. When the hearts are beating by the masses, for the moments people can feel the freedom, someone is watching our steps to manipulate us, we´re not so young as not to know what is ours. We don`t need to hear the promises that never come, we don’t kneel to any crown, we don’t need to hear those meaningless prohibitions, we just need to hear the sounds from downtown. Our support isn’t buried underground. We will rise again, the truth will never rest. A union forged to understand, that our time has come to stay. The World will slowly drift, unconsciously?. Now we say: “Fuck it all”, Why we stand for?.
This last chord leave us safe in ground. Like a torch crossing the dark sky. Don´t tell me how I feel, buddy, cause my words almost take my down. Problems in my world, it´s out of control, the time we lose is wasted, broken and blurred. Healing all these wounds, someone I can trust for the upcoming battle without a peaceful end. Go and save yourself. Empty fucking bullshit reigns. Face it, break that mirror up and then rest.
This time makes me forget all my promises. I always wanted what no one had and now I´m strong to make my own decisions, reaching all my dreams one by one. I can feel the hits but I can’t feel the pain when the end is so close to me. No one can lock me down, here forever. I’m still standing, who is coming next? Should I touch the sky when nothing matters now? Should I have been satisfied when I reached the goal? I say I’ll keep a little more until I have what I always wanted. I’m looking beyond from below, so far away to forget it all to lose what I won. I follow the long way home. Confidence is not a choice as clear as forgiveness. The fear, the weakness,are roots in my naive legs helping to reach failure. You can’t understand it, it’s my way, you can´t understand it, because nothing can change my long way home.
Almost 70 years, this not my place, feels like home but something tell me it´s not. I was just a worker with my wife and my 2 kids, liberty comes to town. I can´t forget the old Madrid streets and the orange bright lights flashing in my face. I count the days since the night they came dragging my world down, they didn´t know my name. Time runs fast, rights that belong to us are hiding, locked up in a vault to stop the wave. Hey calm down, they said, it´s not a big deal, forget it, it´s all over. It´s not a threat, it´s a choice and in the end you will get what you deserve, in your consciousness remains. Hearing your thoughts being delayed. You are not alone, so think about it. Time goes by, and we are still here.
Never enough 02:13
I never said this was my last chance, I am a clock without its hands. I didn’t pay you back when you wanted, I don’t fucking care / because tonight is for rock n’ roll. Before the crash, nothing brings us what we are looking for. Some things that shine like gold but aren´t worth it, no matter what take ’em home. I´ll live in the past when I lose my deal. This time nothing is never enough.
At the end of time, back to life, it’s better than a hole in your head. Without any way, no specific goal.It’s better than a leap in the dark. You never thought that you could find it face to face, so many possibilities until there’s a spark in your mind. Everyone is crazy, everybody carries it within. Lost in the game, unaffordable debt. It´s better than never being found. In the crime scene, in the wrong place, iit´s better than see your body sprawled. If you stay you’ll dream about other lifes and if you go , you will miss everything else. Is it worthwhile to take the risk?. It almost took me down, decisions I made. It almost took me down. In this circle again, falling trying to get up.Everyone is crazy, Everybody carries it within.
Indifference 03:16
Bring me all my awards in a bottle, burn them and enjoy the moment. I was never honest with myself, I don´t pretend to be indifferent. Empty clothes walking the streets, jealous looks between itselves. Another round for a stranger, no money to make friends, Is this my all-in?. Trying to be yourself is accept that you are not like them. Empty minds pretending to be others, surrounded by friends but still alone. While everything falls apart, I pay for my beer and smile.
Owl eyes 04:01
You’re back tonight with my eyes shut for a moment , I feel you there, the owl eyes. I always knew, that reflects the emptyness in me, how to understand. You’ll be the last thing I see, my faithfull friend. Belong to our philosophy. Conversations so intimate like ours, interrupted by the clear lights, back to the monotony. You’re back tonight, dragging undigested sins for me. You never leave me alone, you are my own curse. I always knew, I could not have secrets for you. I always knew. You change my influence, What can I do to get back sanity and control?. You exist inside my eyes, a great penance every night. I see your big owl eyes, stalking me at the other side, every night You’ll be the last thing I see.


released May 22, 2012

Recorded at Rec Disease Studios
Recorded, mixed and produced by César Berzal
Mastered by Steve Rizun at Drive Studios
All lyrics and music by The Blackjaw
Released by Redneck Cheese Records




The Blackjaw Madrid, Spain

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